Saturday 1:45 pm

JavaScript/Node for PHP Developers

Andrew Eddie

Innovation Lab, The Edge

If you are comfortable with PHP, and want to get a better handle on how Javascript or even Node works, this is an informally structured session to help you make the cognitive shift back and forth between the two languages. It will cover from the basics of the languages right through to test-driven development in Javascript.

Sales and Marketing with Marketing Rocket

Eden Brownlee

BOQ Learning Room, Level 4, SLQ

Marketing Rocket is an all-on-one tool providing you with state of the art marketing and sales automation software. It includes step by step guides, templates, drag and drop landing page creation, email auto-responder creation and a light weight lead management tool.

Custom Online Forms in RSForm!Pro

Carly Willats

Meeting Room 1A, Level 1, SLQ

A walk-through of creating a custom online form using RSForm!Pro. We'll install RSForm!Pro and create a form including various form field types, and time permitting look at additional functionality using plugins. We'll publish the form on the site, customise the Thank you message and generate custom email notifications.

Come prepared with a working Joomla website if you'd like to follow along.

Saturday 3:30 pm

Hack Yourself First

Katie McLaughlin and Jack Skinner

Innovation Lab, The Edge

Accessibility Testing

Peter Bui

BOQ Learning Room

Its all well and good to know about web accessibility and how important it is, but what about actually testing websites for web accessibility and seeing if it meets requirements. Actually what are those requirements.

This workshop will take you through some basic accessibility issues, testing techniques, what to look out for and generally how to make a Joomla website more accessible compared to how it might be now.

Blogging with EasyBlog 5

Jeff Wilson

Meeting Room 1A

A walk-through of setting up a blog on your Joomla website with EasyBlog 5. We'll install EasyBlog and set it up for a typical blog setup. We'll create our first post and work through handling comments.

Come prepared with a working Joomla website if you'd like to follow along.

Sunday 1:00 pm

Stop Relying on the JED!

Mick Brown

Meeting Room 1B, Level 1, SLQ

This workshop will teach you how to create simple components and modules that will replace commonly used, cumbersome and overly complicated extensions found on the Joomla Extension Directory. Learn how to create extensions that are specific to your requirements and simple to build.

Please note video recording is not permitted in any of the presentations and workshops unless otherwise stated.