The Integration of Joomla with the Internet of Things Concept

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is becoming a booming topic as of recent. We have seen many different platforms implement this concept, and Joomla is no exception. In this session, I will talk about some trends of the integration between Joomla and IoT, with how they have manage to improve the efficiency of data delivery, especially since it can just rely on the device-to-device to achieve this. This will include the impact it has on protocols such as MQTT and how it improves the overall QoS this way. I will also talk about future implementations within Joomla for the IoT concept, and how we should proceed with it over time.

Format: Speaking Session
Speaker: Renaldi Gondosubroto
Bio: Renaldi Gondosubroto is the Founder and CEO of GReS Studio, a company that promotes the use of the IoT concept in various environments for developing solutions that can solve today's need for efficiency in many developing ecosystems. His vision, which has been brought along with his company, is to be able to have an interconnected world where individuals and businesses can share that data for the use of the people around them. Renaldi enjoys creating innovations within different platforms to test the limits of IoT and to understand better how it can be used by everyone.
Business: GReS Studio