Win more jobs and increase the scope of those jobs by focusing on business outcomes rather than technology. As web designers we know that Joomla! is the best, most secure, easiest to use CMS available. Unfortunately, the popularity of Wordpress often wins out over what is best for the client. In this session, learn ways to overcome client objections, become an integral part of your client's business and engage them as fans of Joomla!

Format: Speaking Session
Speaker: Sharon Dibb
Bio: I built my first Joomla! website in 2007 using version 1.5. In the following 10 years I've built over 320 Joomla! websites, built a passive income hosting and website maintenance business and work with my clients to grow their business through online marketing. I'm Google Adwords Certified in all 5 specialisations and hope to gain my Joomla Certification at the first opportunity.
Business: One To Many Digital
Format: Speaking Session
Speaker: Serena 'Dot' Ryan
Bio: Serena Dot Ryan’s founder is Serena Dot (Dorothy) Ryan. Serena has 13 years experience in Digital Marketing with more than 20 years experience in customer service and professional roles. Industries include, Tourism, Events, Retail, Finance, Fashion, Complementary Pharmaceuticals, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Technology and Advertising. In 2005 with a limited budget to train Snow and Outdoor Employees Nationally on the benefits of Thredbo she decided to make the most of digital technology and create an online training program. This sparked a passion for harnessing the power to connect with people in a cost effective way using digital technology. She then went on to create a successful eCommerce Store for Skin Doctors, launch Social Media for Visa, and work on several multi award winning campaigns for brands using cutting edge digital technologies and working with Google on World First Applications of Technology. Serena has completed studies in Commerce, Tourism Management, Communications and most recently in 2010, completed studies in Digital Marketing. Serena’s unique digital marketing approach has led to work with businesses of all sizes to achieve award winning results for businesses including Macarthur Home Improvements (2015 Services and Trade Business of the Year), Work Closer to Home South West Sydney (2015 New Business of the Year) and Evolution Health Services (2015 Start Up Of The Year). Serena Dot Ryan® has achieved local recognition as the Linking Ladies 2015 Business of the Year and is a finalist in the 2017 Local Business Awards. Serena has also achieved on a national level as a 2016 finalist for the St George Banking Group Ausmumpreneur Awards for Digital Innovation. Serena is currently on the expert panel for Realise Business (formerly BEC Southern Sydney).
Business: Serena Dot Ryan

Create your content easily with drag and drop and many predefined elements without effort. You can create your custom pages using accordions, tabs, icons, and styles them like you want with the styling interface.

You can edit your page in the frontend of your website. No need to spend your time between multiple windows (admin and front), just login in the frontend and edit your article and page directly there.

  • Full Drag'n Drop interface
  • Direct preview in the interface (Real preview)
  • Columns styling without code
  • Lightweight frontend page
  • Front end edition
  • Easy Google Font selection
  • Collection of icons from Font Awesome (about 600 icons)
  • Backup automatically up to 6 versions of your page and restore them instantly
  • Page Builder CK Module to create a page where you want in any position of your template
  • Image upload with drag and drop from your computer

Although this course will be run live and can just be watched, a much greater understanding will be gained by actively taking part. To do this you will need a standard installation of Joomla on your machine or Web Server and have your favourite editor installed. Also download the free version of pagebuilderCK from

There will not be time to do this during this course. We will also be looking at the paid add on of pagebuilder params during the course, but this will not be required.

Format: Workshop
Speaker: Jeff Wilson
Bio: Worked with computers since late 1970's and studied while serving in the Royal Australian Navy. Degree in Engineering Systems. Degree in programming and database design from NTU. Postgraduate degree in Quality from QUT. Opened a number of computer shops starting in the Mid 1990's on leaving the Royal Australian Navy. Still programmed as a hobby and got into coding websites at the same time. Moved into CMS systems and turned full Joomla evangelist in 2008. Have been Organiser of the BJUG and co organiser of JoomlaDay 2015.
Business: BizzDesign
Twitter: zoldar

We all get those emails and phone calls. We'll at least I do, just about every single day of the week.

"Hello sir, We are an offshore company looking for a partnership with you. I noticed on your website that you provide WordPress service. We have over 30 WordPress specialists in our team that can help grow and support your business. Would you be interested?"

Every single day, without missing a beat.

This presentation is about how you can actually make that work for you. I've been travelling back and forth between Australia and South East Asia for the last two years on what people seem to thing is a really long vacation (Look at my Instagram feed), but in reality, I've been working with my off shore development team, training them up, getting to know them better, understanding how they best work so that we all can get the best outcome possible in regards to leveraging the skills of developers from South East Asia.

This presentation will go through how to find a developer, how to set up processes to get them working, how to transition yourself from being a solo business person to having a great team around you helping you grow your business.

Format: Speaking Session
Speaker: Peter Bui
Bio: Peter Bui has been building websites since early 2000 and has never looked back. Working closely with other partners, he and his team at PB Web Development have created and supported a ridiculous number of websites over the last decade. Experienced in Joomla, WordPress, Grav and Laravel Peter and his team have a broad depth of knowledge, being able to provide the best solution possible for different clients. Peter previously use to be a WordPress Meetup organiser in Sydney, and WordCamp organiser. Also a podcast presenter and previous Community Leadership Team member for the Joomla project. He isn't afraid to say the word Joomla at a WordCamp.
Business: PB Web Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept is becoming a booming topic as of recent. We have seen many different platforms implement this concept, and Joomla is no exception. In this session, I will talk about some trends of the integration between Joomla and IoT, with how they have manage to improve the efficiency of data delivery, especially since it can just rely on the device-to-device to achieve this. This will include the impact it has on protocols such as MQTT and how it improves the overall QoS this way. I will also talk about future implementations within Joomla for the IoT concept, and how we should proceed with it over time.

Format: Speaking Session
Speaker: Renaldi Gondosubroto
Bio: Renaldi Gondosubroto is the Founder and CEO of GReS Studio, a company that promotes the use of the IoT concept in various environments for developing solutions that can solve today's need for efficiency in many developing ecosystems. His vision, which has been brought along with his company, is to be able to have an interconnected world where individuals and businesses can share that data for the use of the people around them. Renaldi enjoys creating innovations within different platforms to test the limits of IoT and to understand better how it can be used by everyone.
Business: GReS Studio
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