The JoomlaDay Australia 2019 committee will be presenting awards to Joomla designers and developers who are producing outstanding websites, at JoomlaDay Australia 2019. 

This contest is free to showcase your finest work, expose yours and your client's brand, and increase your digital prestige. If you or your agency, that operates in Oceania, has a public website that you are proud of, entry into the contest is as simple as completing the entry form.

> Submit a Site

All sites entered in the contest will be automatically considered for all contest categories and judged by a panel of five Joomla developers from countries outside of Oceania.

There are four categories and the judging panel will select up to four finalists in each category, then one winner from the Finalists in each category. There will also be a "People's Choice" award determined by JoomlaDay Australia 2019 attendees throughout Saturday 3 August 2019 at the event.

All finalists and winners will have their company/name and website displayed next to the appropriate digital badge on the Joomla Australia "Hall of Fame" page with links directly to yours and your client's award-winning sites! Your earned digital badge(s) will be made available so that you can brandish them on your and your client's website if you wish. You will also be featured in the Joomla Showcase Directory (please ensure you submit your site to the Joomla Showcase Directory to be featured should you win).

The Award Categories:

  • Best Overall
  • Best User Experience
  • Most Attractive
  • Most Innovative
  • People's Choice

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions and General Expectations Checklist for further advice. For further information contact us.

Award Categories

best overall award

Best Overall

This category is perhaps the most coveted award of them all because a total package site will be evaluated. Be advised, this is not a "more is better" category; it is better to be simply amazing rather than deliver something that tries to be everything but has a few flaws. Joomla sites that perform well in the other categories may very well have a great shot at this award too. All aspects of a professional-grade website may be scrutinized; consider topics beyond the aforementioned categories like security, clean source code, SEO, the freshness of content, version of Joomla/extensions, and much more.

best ux award

Best User Experience

This category will expose Joomla sites with the greatest attention to UX. For example, you may have made clever adjustments to alleviate niggling UX issues or have outside-the-box accommodations to serve up a premium UX. The description is intentionally vague but may touch on multi-lingual techniques, disabled web users, page load times, or other areas.

most attractive award

Most Attractive

This category will expose the most gorgeous and eye-catching Joomla sites. For example, your graphic designer(s) may be out of this world, you might have ground-breaking animation techniques or something that is unique and ground-breaking.

most innovative award

Most Innovative

This category will expose exceptional and clever implementations within Joomla. For example, you may have folded a new technology into Joomla, developed an impressive extension, or used a pre-existing Joomla functionality to produce something special.

peoples choice award

People's Choice

This will be voted on by all attendee's to the event weekend who hold tickets. The choice will be from all finalists from all previous categories, and so not necessarily one of the other winners.