Joomla for Beginners will be run over two sessions on Saturday 3 August. Session One, Setting up your Joomla Website for Beginners, at 11 am - 12.30 pm, and Session Two, Setting up a Joomla template for Beginners, at 1.30 pm - 3 pm.

Britt Ambrose and Tim Plummer will be running this hands-on workshop, where you can bring your laptop and build your skills on your very own practice site. Find out more about Britt and Tim on our Speakers page.

Session One

Setting up your Joomla Website for Beginners

So you’ve installed Joomla (or maybe not even done that yet!), you’ve tinkered but aren’t really clear on what now? If you’re new to Joomla and building your own website – you could be feeling a little overwhelmed with how to turn the core installation into a functioning website. Our workshop will give you a hands-on walk through some sensible and essential things you need to set up after you install. And then how to get your site underway.

We’ll have some pre-installed installations, with plenty of interactive parts for you to install and configure, so please bring a laptop with you. All installations will be browser based, so you do not need anything other than your laptop and a browser (and a notepad) for this workshop. If you don’t have a laptop, that’s fine, still come with your notepad and pen, and you can watch over the shoulder of one of the other attendees.

  • Introduction - who are you, what’s your Joomla experience so far (if any), and what are you looking to get out of the beginner session? Do you have any specific questions you are hoping this session will answer for you?
  • Administrator Dashboard
    • Global Settings essentials and a general walk through
  • Recommended extensions
    • Making your site secure
    • Backing up your site
  • Planning your Website Structure
  • How to create content – categories, articles, images and media, custom fields
  • How to build your menu navigations
  • Positioning core structural pieces with modules on your site – menu position, footer, side menus

If we have time, we’ll also try to target any specific Joomla questions you might have.

* Please note we will not be covering PHP or MySQL or Server setup in this training session. If you do need this type of help, our open sessions and or some of our supportive community will all be under one roof on the day - make sure you ask and connect.

Session Two

Setting up a Joomla template for Beginners

You’ve got the essentials covered – but now what? How do you end up with a great looking website? It’s still using the default template but you want something much sexier and current. This next session shows you have to transform the default install into something more 2019 and give you confidence using new templates and how to get them working.

Building on Session One, or you can simply join for this stand alone session, how to install a template and get things working and looking great! Like Session One, we recommend you have a laptop so you can be actively involved in the learning experience.

  • How to customize the core template
  • How to choose and install a new template, basic design and technical considerations
  • How to rearrange your site to work with the new template - working with modules and positions, etc.
  • Some basics on how to override template styles
  • Working with Frameworks

If we have time, we’ll also try to target any specific Joomla questions you might have.