We've gathered a panel of Joomla experts in different areas to discuss all things Joomla and answer your questions. We will be inviting questions from the audience and publishing a form where attendees can submit their questions, throughout the weekend.

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Guest panelists:

Tim Plummer

shayne 400x400
Shayne Bartlett

michael scruse
Michael Scruse

In 2017, I launched Tall And True, a Joomla-based online magazine for writers, readers and publishers I had been dreaming about and working on since 2001. This presentation is on how Joomla helped me realise that dream, from my original idea and thoughts on technology, and the detours and roadblocks I encountered over the years, to my light bulb moment with Joomla and the proud day when I finally launched the website in 2017. I'll also share the lessons I learned along the way. (The presentation is an updated version of the one I gave at the Sydney Joomla User Group in August 2017.)

Presenter: Robert Fairhead

We used to comment on the weather and now with the proliferation of social media, we comment on new profile pics and status updates. We all want to feel needed and loved, to feel special or to show we are different, but how many people stop and think about what they publish online? How many know what the risks and consequences truly are? Find out the value of a personal online profile and how the information that you share can be sold by you, by an organisation or by a hacker.

Presenter: Tom Mason