Going Serverless with Joomla on Amazon Web Services

Renaldi Gondosubroto

Often times, to simplify deployment, reduce complexity, and work with agile development, we would want our website to be deployed serverless. This session will outline the benefits of going serverless with Joomla and how one can use Amazon Web Services' serverless features, particularly linked to using EC2 and Docker services offered with that, to go deploy your Joomla website serverless. This will be complemented by discussing how this can be used for enterprise scale solutions, and the challenges to implement this deployment on such a scale. How one can automate processes that are done throughout the deployment through utilising IFTTT in order to make the transition to serverless smoother while also making the developer experience better as well this way will then be discussed. A case study on a project's transition towards being serverless-based on AWS will also be shown to complement this, showing the challenges and the benefits obtained from the transition and strategies that can be used to solve problems along the way. Audience members will leave the session ready to begin serverless-based deployment on AWS as well, developing and deploying even more scalable and agile Joomla websites and making the most out of its features for it.